"Large-scale printing of novel photovoltaiscs based on Cu(In, Ga) Se2 chalcopyrite."


This is a joint project between INL and the University of Minho and will tackle the fabrication of a new generation of low-cost CIGSe PV cells through solution-based printing of several device components. Our central goal is the development of working industrial prototypes.



PrintPV Project at IMEC-18

Pedro Salomé is a very energetic researcher that is driven by his curiosity to search for, understand and apply new scientific findings. From these scientific findings he is able to make sound, constructive and logical conclusions that acts as a basis for future research. He is also an ideal coworker as he stays positive, is very knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge, and since he has excellent social skills enabling him to work with almost anyone creating a positive atmosphere wherever he goes.
— Dr. Adam Hultqvist, senior researcher at the Angstrom Solar Center, University of Uppsala, Sweden.
The INL staff involved in the project is awesome! Expertise in physical chemistry of materials, “top-chef cooks” in “nanostuff” synthesis and growth, superb characterisation tools and capabilities, and a a wise vision of challenges and pathfinding. All at once. Keep on rocking in the Nanoworld!
— David Fuerts Marron
Dr. Kolen’ko is friendly and open‐minded, eager for knowledge. He is all the time looking for new projects, new applications, and new characterization methods. He is able to set a solid and profound research plan having no support of senior researches, to analyze data critically, to summarize results, and to train students.
— Prof. Kirill Kovnir from Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis, Davis, USA